Thursday, June 5, 2008

Nestbox Updates

There's good news and there's sad news on the nestbox front.

The sad news is that Sunday I found my ambitious chickadee (eight eggs) had been evicted. Her eggs were scattered on the ground at the base of the post (some with holes in them), and she was nowhere to be seen. Four or five twigs were lying on top of the mossy nest: wrens.

The good news is that yesterday I did a full check on the nestboxe trail, and found a bluebird nest with five eggs, a chickadee nest with seven eggs, a wren nest with three eggs, and a tree swallow sitting in an empty box trying to look like she wasn't there. This is the first time tree swallows have been evident using a box outside my yard.

I saw a couple bluebirds in my yard yesterday and this morning, so I may check my own nestboxes this week and see if any have decided to move in (so far it has been a bust).

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