Friday, February 19, 2010

A Change of Pace

All the grey and brown and white, while beautiful in their own right, have started to get me down. So, to brighten things up a bit, I've changed the header photo. This is Moxham Pond, taken this fall while on a paddle and bog slog with my friend Evelyn.

Moxham Pond is privately owned. While you can see it from the road, it isn't accesible without permission. On the one hand this is great, for it affords some protection to the wonderful bog on the far side of the pond. On the other hand, it means I can't go visit whenever I want. It's a lovely treasure, and the folks who own it know it.


  1. Ooh! Thanks for that view of beautiful blue open water. Helps us keep our hopes up that spring will come. Although it sure would be nice to have some REAL winter first, with like, 3 feet of snow. If this drought keeps up, we won't have full reservoirs come summer.

  2. Too true, Jackie! Our moisture for Feb. so far is 1/4". That's dry! We've barely had 5" of snow. Things are very very dry up here. Not that I don't mind not having to shovel snow, but it is the mountains, after all, and it is winter. These two together SHOULD mean snow...and lots of it. Maybe I should build a cistern...

  3. Beautiful picture! Sure brings back some great memories of canoeing in the park! (minus the portages)