Friday, February 5, 2010

Frigid Fridays

The Weekend Weather Report for
5 February - 8 February 2010

Friday, 5 Feb.: Mostly cloudy with increasing sunshine as the day progresses. High near 26*F, low around 0*F. Calm winds becoming SW around 5 mph.

Saturday, 6 Feb.: Mostly sunny, with a high near 23*F and a low near -4*F. Calm wind becoming east between 4 and 7 mph.

Sunday, 7 Feb.: Mostly sunny, with a high near 16*F and a low near -5*F.

Monday, 8 Feb.: Partly sunny, with a high near 17*F and a low near -3*F.

*** The weather is subject to change without notice. ***

We currently have about a foot of snow. Of this, the top inch and a half or so is new fluff (as of Thursday), which is on top of a good solid base. Great conditions for animal tracking, good for snowshoeing, fair for skiing.

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  1. Dry in the ADKs; saturated downstate with rain and snow. It is interesting how nay-sayers on climate change point to the cold and snow to try and make their point "How could there be global warming?" In the process they miss the exact point that long-term climate change is marked by extremes, including bitter cold in winter and widespread drought in summer.
    Tom Lake