Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ahh - Mud Season

 6:15 PM - time to walk the dog.  Amazing how light it is at 6 PM here in southern Michigan the day before Valentine's day!

We were having our January Thaw today.  It was pushing 50*F out there, which means the snow was melting.  And when one lives down in a wetland that has been converted into a housing development, one should expect water when things thaw and have nowhere to go.

Hm...maybe water wings and a snorkel would've been a good idea.

Some puddles required a complete detour down (up?) a different street - head for the hills.

We may have called spring Mud Season back east, but Newcomb couldn't hold a candle to this city when it comes to muddiness when things melt.  Can't wait to find a place in the country away from all the street dirt.


  1. Yeh, you know, sometimes I think I hate early Spring as much as most people hate Winter. At least, snow is clean and fresh looking when it first falls. Mud is yucky, fresh or old.

  2. Today we are melting, tonight below zero. There might not be snow tomorrow in Newcomb, but I'll bet there will be some good ice.

  3. It was 50 today in Saratoga, tomorrow it may not get to 20. The see-saw season. Your late daylight reminds me of when we would visit our folks in Michigan in summer, and it would still be light at 10 o'clock at night. Good luck on the house hunting.

  4. Watch your cellar/basement for flooding, then! We have SO much rain here between November and March, flooding is a continual thing to be on the watch for no matter where we are in the PNW!

  5. No basement to flood - I'm built on a cement slab!