Tuesday, February 22, 2011

And the Sun Rises

 The thing about blizzards and terrible weather is that when the sun finally comes back out, the world is so very beautiful.

The deer went out on the frozen stream and dug a small hole 
to get to the water...we don't know why, for the stream was running
free just a short distance away.

The ice was catching the sun and flashing back brilliant crystals of color.
The camera wouldn't catch them...unless I took it out of focus: 

What a great day to be a naturalist!

I glanced up and saw a yellow ball in the tree.  Do you see it?

It's an oak apple, one of the many many types of galls that form on 
oak trees.  I will do a post about these soon...you will see
how fascinating they are. 

Buds on the prickly ash - a brilliant rusty orange.

Now there's a Christmas Tree with real Icicles!

More to come in the next post:  Ice on Flowers.


  1. Yes indeed! Very beautiful! Thanks!

  2. So many gorgeous photos in this post!

  3. That last photograph is fantastic! I said to myself, "What a gorgeous Christmas tree!" And then I read your comment!