Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Back in the 'dacks!

The long-awaited trip is here!  And all too soon it will be a memory, but for now, I am loving and living it!

Left yesterday and spent the night at my folks'.  Today I was northward bound, and documenting what once were common sights.

The first view of the mountains from Route 12 just north of Utica 
and en route to Trenton.

 If you've entered the Adirondacks from Utica-way, you have seen this.
Not sure why a place called The Wigwam has a plane stuck in the roof.

Yee-haw!  We are there!  (That's the royal "we.")

The Thirsty Otter may not longer exist (in Otter Lake), but other
wooden otters seem to have popped up.

Moose River (sans moose - although one was spotted and 
photographed near Piseco today). 

Downtown Inlet.

View along Raquette Lake.

Blue Mountain.

Long Lake.

En route to Tupper Lake.

Lake Symond.

The Oval Wooden Dish Company...across the street from our motel.

And en route to Lake Placid to get the Spitfire repaired (which he did in under 2 hours).

We are all finally here (last car rolled in about 9 PM) and settled.  Tomorrow we hit Newcomb - I'm leading the hike up Goodnew (no takers for paddling Rich Lake), and the other half of the group will walk the trails at the VIC.  After lunch, we are hitting the Ice Meadows...hopefully all before the rain rolls in.

Who are we?  We are 13 from Michigan - and eco-tour I am leading (with a co-worker) to share the wonders of the Adirondacks.  I've been planning this since December - and I am sooooo happy to finally be here!


  1. No Moose, that's because they are here in Connecticut.

  2. Sounds wonderful! 'Very happy for you!

  3. Oh, I bet your heart is singing! Welcome back! Can't wait to see you again.

  4. oh ! welcome back -- how long are you in the area? it would be great to meet you somewhere and say hi -