Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Some Visitors at the House

Spring finally sprang, and summer seems to have arrived full bore.  While out in the yard doing yardwork (what else?), I had a couple visitors:

Yes, that's a woodchuck in a tree, probably about four feet up.  It scooted as soon as I got one shot with the camera.

The hummers haven't seemed to stay at my feeders this year, though.  I put them up this day (a couple weeks ago) and they came right away, but I haven't seen them much since.

And over the door, the Kamakazi family has moved in:  barn swallows.  They weren't too bad until the last day or two...and now they must have either eggs or newly hatched chicks, for they are a lot more aggressive.  Makes coming and going a bit of a challenge.

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