Friday, June 27, 2014

Day Seven - Departure and on my own

The last day of our Adirondack Adventure was the day we all packed up and left.  I, however, had plans to stay a little longer and visit old haunts and friends. 

First stop was the mechanic's in Long Lake - see if I could get the mysterious noise my car was making diagnosed.  No luck.

From there I spent the rest of the morning catching up with my good friend Dona Hall in Long Lake.  Dona had done in her back, so I helped her set up a bed downstairs and we had a nice long chat.  Afterwards I swung by the Long Lake Library to see the quilt exhibit, which featured several of Dona's pieces.

From there I drove to Newcomb, stopping first at the Ecological Center to visit with Charlotte.  Also chatted briefly with Stacy and Bruce.  Good to see familiar faces!

Next was the Miga residence, where I got to catch up with Wes and Lorraine.  Got to hear a lot of what was going on locally in politics (good luck, Wes) and at the visitor center.

It was getting late in the afternoon by the time I stopped in to see Edna, one of my dear "old ladies."  We had a terrific long chat about the black flies and Bti, as well as other things.  Edna has been (and remains) one of my favorite people - she can always make me laugh!

Stopped by to visit with Connie, but she was out a the village board meeting.  I had hoped the quilters might be meeting, and I could cross a whole bunch of people off my list at once, but no dice.

I next drove to Winebrook, carefully avoiding my old home.  Stopped to see if Monica was in, but she was not.  However, Lorinda, from across the street, saw me and invited me in at her house to see all the wonderful renovations she's done.  How wonderful it must be to have a creative/artistic streak!

I ended up back at Charlotte & Paige's house, where I was generously offered a room for the night.  We sat on the back porch and chatted until it was good and dark.  Charlotte had to be up to count birds at 4:30, so we called it a night.

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