Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Native Plant Nursery

Earlier this week I read on the NY Flora blog that a new native plant nursery was opening up this weekend near Argyle. Even though my days in Newcomb are likely numbered, I had to go, if for no other reason than to share with you what they have.

So, here they are: Fiddlehead Creek Nursery, on Route 40 just outside Argyle.

They are a small operation, but they are new. One greenhouse/hoophouse.

But lots of plants. Some for shade, some for sun. Some herbaceous, some shrubs. I loved this shrub, but it wasn't labeled. I will have to go through my books and see if I can find it.

Wild ginger!!! Shame I don't have a shaded area, because I LOVE the flower on wild ginger!

Business was looking pretty good at about 11:30 AM when I was there. Their friendly pooch was wandering around amongst the patrons. I must admit, I did make a purchase - two pots of windflower, an anemone, which is one of my favorite plants. So simple, yet so lovely.

Now I have to go home and plant.

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  1. I heard about this place and I sure hope to get there soon. Thanks for the tour. I think your unknown shrub is Winterberry. I only find it in swampy spots, so I wonder if it would thrive in ordinary gardens.