Monday, May 31, 2010

Smoke in the Air

When I stepped out of the house this AM to walk the dog, I noticed the distinct tang of woodsmoke in the air. I thought nothing of it since it is a holiday weekend and many seasonal folks are up visiting their second homes.

But as I headed towards Glens Falls, the air became hazier and hazier, and the scent lingered. While the temps are to hit the 80s today, this wasn't humidity, it was smoke.

It turns out there are something like 50 forest fires burning north of Montreal, eight of which are still listed as "out of control."
Because the winds are blowing to the south, we are all enjoying the side effects of these fires: smoke.

I'm currently sitting in a parking lot in Wilton and while I can no longer smell the smoke, I can see the haze to the north. Even in Glens Falls the scent lingered.
Remember, folks, it is VERY dry out there - we haven't had rain in weeks. If you are camping, think twice about that campfire. If you are in the High Peaks Wilderness Area, by the way, no campfires are allowed, period.
They may call the Adirondacks the Asbestos Woods, but when it's dry, it can still burn.

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  1. Shocking to think how many trees must be burning to make that kind of smoke. Between that to the north and the BP disaster, seems like the world is coming apart.