Saturday, July 31, 2010

Evening Along the Sucker Brook Trail

The evening before had been such a hit with the dog and for me finding flowers, that I decided to come back last night and do another trail. This time we picked the Sucker Brook Trail. The sun was getting low, so we only saw it at the beginning of the outlet and then later on grazing the tops of the trees.

I love the light at the end of the day. It just makes things glow.

This patch of hobblebush always has a good dosing of bird droppings upon it. Every year. What birds are responsible? And why?

Every time I look up, I hope to find a nest, or even a bird, but all I ever see is the tree. It has some good branches for perching, but I still don't know what bird(s) use(s) it. If it was an owl, there would probably be at least a few pellets, but I've never found a pellet here. Woodpeckers? Kingfishers? The droppings look too big for kinglets or warblers, but who knows! Maybe they are copious poopers!

Toby's Great Adventure:

Head up, ears up, tail up, fur up - there's gotta be something in there!

I can smell it!!!

How sad; the sapsucker tree fell down.

Maybe it's a bear! We saw a bear here once before!

It's just ahead! Come on, c'mon - you're too slow!!!

AH-HA! I told you so! Look! A squirrel!!!

I, however, was there for the scenery. It was a beautiful evening to be out in the woods.


  1. Such beautiful photos. As a Westerner, I appreciate seeing what the East has to offer.

  2. Beautiful. You captured that evening light just perfectly in your photos. And Toby found his squirrel. A good time was had by all.