Thursday, July 8, 2010

Strange and Odd

The back forty was loaded with one-flowered cancerroot (Orobanche uniflora) - aka Ghost Pipe - this year. Must've been hundreds of them. Unfortunately, they were in the "path" that I try to keep mowed so the dog and I have an easy way through, and although I let it go for weeks, I finally had to mow the path. In other words, most lost their heads.

Still, last night I found a few still hanging in there - a long blooming season this year. Conditions must be just right.

I love this saprophytic plant, but to avoid redundancy, I won't write about it again. If you want to read about this odd flowering plant, you can jump here and read what I wrote two years ago!

Does this look like Sweet William to you? I sure does to me, and yet it was growing in my "meadow."

There are two stems, each with three flowers. I've never planted Sweet William in the field, although I do have some up by the house. I wonder how in the world it got down here.

Nature is full of mysteries.


  1. What an odd plant. I have never seen anything like it but, next year, I'll keep my eye out for it.

    As for the Sweet William, this must have been a good year for it, also. I found just one plant growing along the Orange Trail, many yards from any cultivated areas. Is it possible that birds poop the seeds and they sometimes land in these odd spots?

  2. Cancerroot still blooming? Amazing! Do you think the wind could have carried the Sweet William seeds, or would it be critters? What a welcome addition to your wildflower meadow.