Saturday, November 28, 2009

Here and Gone

We celebrated last night as we left work with the snow pouring down all around us. At last! It's snowing! By 7 PM even the roads were white.

I enjoy walking the dog at night in the winter (when there's snow) because it's like walking in a perpetual twilight. Even in the areas where streetlights don't reach, it's never quite dark, thanks to the blanket of bright white that reflects even the tiniest bit of light. It's also enjoyable because now I can see the animal signs that only the dog and his powerful sniffer have been able to witness.

So, we all went to bed expecting to have to shovel our way out of our driveways in the morning, hoping the plows will have cleared the roads. Imagine our surprise to wake to green grass again (and powerful winds)!

What happened to the snow?!?!? Did the wind blow so hard it evaporated? It's not like it really warmed up overnight (it's only 33*F now). Maybe the borderline freezing temps changed some of the snowfall to rainfall, and it washed the snow away? It's a mystery.

I was all set to take the camera out and get photos of our lovely white forest and lawns, but the snow that remains is in tiny patches - hardly worth the bother - although the mountains are speckled white and looking rather nice, when the clouds part enough to see them.

Well, we still have all of winter ahead of us, and I'm sure we will all be sick of the snow before it's over. I guess we can wait a few more days.


  1. I used to have occasion to collect my horses from their field in the dark. On a cloudy night in spring or fall, it could be so dark I couldn't see where I was walking. But, like you say, once the snow falls, there's always some reflected light. I looked forward to that aspect of the snow. Probably city folk don't realize what a difference it makes to the light.

  2. Isn't it funny how gladly we greet the new snow in December? Come March and April it's certainly another story. So far we've had not a flake down here in Saratoga County.