Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Well, it looks like the Leonids were peaking THIS morning, not Thursday morning. Needless to say, I was snuggled in my toasty warm bed with the dog and the cat at 4 AM, so I didn't see them. Maybe I'll take a gander outside tonight.

However, our maintenance man was telling me this morning that he was out looking for them around 2 and 3 AM, and he didn't see anything.

Meanwhile, there is a rumor of a plane crashing on Santanoni Mt. last night (which is one of the High Peaks really close to Newcomb). Both Mr. Mike and I recall hearing a helicopter last night, so that might've been the search and rescue folks. I'm off to see what I can find out on-line.


  1. I was out around 4:30, and saw nothing, oh well.

    As for the plane crash, check out the PostStar website, they have an article on it. It appears as though both passengers on board did not survive.

  2. How awful about the plane crash!

    Ellen, there's actually a teenie part of me that's happy you weren't right about the date of the Leonids. Why? Because now I don't have to feel guilty after turning off the alarm at 3:30 Thursday morning and rolling over to go back to sleep...

  3. HM...maybe the meteor shower is NEXT Tuesday!

    Yes, I checked on-line and found a few snippets of info. The pilot apparently was a flight instructor from up Malone way. Very sad. I wonder what happened - I'm sure the news will let us know if anything is discovered.