Wednesday, December 2, 2009

And this is Beau

The morning was rushed - I keep oversleeping. So, Toby got a very short walk down the street to the water tower and back. But, on the way, we encountered our neighborhood's newest resident:

This is Beau, an English Shepherd. He's a bundle of fuzz and energy, with one blue and one brown eye. He's very friendly and curious, and Toby wants nothing to do with him (Toby really doesn't cotton to puppies). After a little coaxing, Jeanne and I got Beau to sit still long enough for me to take his portrait, with the promise he would be on my blog. So here he is.

Jeanne was telling me that she was visiting her grandkids this last week, with Beau in tow, and one night they were outside playing with flashlights (her grandson, it seems, thinks "scared of the dark" is "scaring the dark," so he runs around waving his flashlight to scare the dark away - isn't that cute?). Anyway, the beam of the flashlight caught the eyes of the two other dogs that were out with them: yellow eyeshine. And then it caught Beau's eyes: one yellow eyeshine (the blue eye) and one electric blue eyeshine (the brown one). How cool is that?!?

The curious naturalist in me is now wondering: why is that? I guess I need to do some research on eyeshine.


  1. What a beauty! And all that fuzz!!

  2. AWWWWWW! What a cute puppy! Be sure to tell us what you learn about the shining eyes.