Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Coming Soon

We get a lot of phone calls this time of year asking about snow conditions. The VICs used to have a weekly snow report on their website, but with the departure of our PR person, that option is no longer maintained.

So, I am going to take on some of this responsibility by posting a weekly snow report here, on this blog. Look for it on Fridays.

Because of logistics, the snow report will only be for Newcomb. If you are planning a trip elsewhere in the park, I recommend you look up the weather report for that area on the National Weather Service's website. Just enter the city, state of your destination.


  1. Will you have a report this coming Friday for Newcomb?? I'm heading up there on Christmas Eve and staying for a few days in a cabin nestled in the woods. I can't wait and was really hoping for some good snow conditions. I look forward to reading your report!

  2. Yes, I will post this Friday (although I can tell you that we have 10-11" right now). Next week I won't post until Saturday, but I will post something.