Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Naturalist's Desk

Yesterday you had a peek at my desk, which inspired one comment from a reader. So, on a whim, I thought I'd grant you all a glance at the bigger picture.

As you can see, my "desk" (I use quotations there because instead of real desks, we have kitchen counters and cabinets) is a busy place. We have assorted books (one set) next to the computer on the left and outside the photo (there are more in the cupboard above and around on the other side of the computer); we have assorted plants (two spider plants hang above the window, too - you can just see the fronds of one of them); we have assorted chatchka (?) on the windowsill (Smellum Potion, flamingo, galls, acorn caps, rocks, feathers, chalk, expired batteries, pins, pens, rubber bands, et al); we have assorted liquid-containing vessels (at least two mugs and two bottles of water); we have wood waiting to be identified (I suspect it's cottonwood, but I'm not 100% sure); we have more books, birdseed, a calendar, office supplies, school program info, a small mammal trap, dog biscuits (just in case), a hat, a robotic bat, a wooden fish-shaped fishing pole; and under the desk the Naturalist's Day Pack (full of still more books and stuff), a dry bag (for those summer days when I lead canoe trips), an empty box (I sort of collect these - you never know when you'll need one), and the ubiquitous trash receptacle.

The bright glare out the window, by the way, is from all the snow we received, a total of about 9 inches from yesterday's storm. Everything is covered with white, and the wind is blowing mightily. Brr. I finally broke out the long johns this morning (it had to happen some time).


  1. Your desk looks perfectly normal to me -- mine is quite similar ;)

  2. love the "desk"...probably most if not all naturalists dream of having one just like it! :)

  3. Swampy & Treehugger - I think most naturalists' desk probably look like this (unless they are neat freaks, which would be terrifying). Next to the natural world, a naturalist's desk would be a great place to explore, don't you think?