Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another New Toy

Our friends Nancy and Lois, the owners of the WildBirds Unlimited shop down in Wilton, recently donated a BirdCam to the Newcomb VIC. After gorging ourselves at our volunteer breakfast this morning, we broke it out and set it up on the back deck. We had it set for taking videos, and here are some of the images it captured.

First, we have a lot of chickadees.

And if you look closely at the very end of the second clip, you'll see a hairy woodpecker come in to feed on the solidifed bacon grease we put out this afternoon. Yum - all the birds are lovin' the fat!

More to come as we work out the wrinkles.


  1. Fun to watch the winter birds from the comfort of the great indoors!

  2. Cool. I see you are a "Nature Nerd" as well.

  3. ahh! I just went on a trip to the Adirondacks for one of my classes and I was standing on that very same porch. We were learning about winter field ecology and got a few lectures from the people at ESF. I learned a lot about tracking that week (Jan 10-15) and I noticed that you teach tracking. I really want to go back and take some of your classes!

    If you're interested, I have pictures from my trip. I waited and waited at the porch till i finally got a hairy woodpecker =]

  4. I was looking through the pictures and got really excited because I was standing in the exact spot you took these videos! I recently went on a trip to the Adirondacks for my Winter Field Ecology class from Jan 10-15. We listened to a lot of lectures from ESF staff and I learned a great deal about tracking (my new favorite thing).
    I feel like a dork getting all excited about your blog but I noticed you teach tracking classes and I would absolutely love taking them (if I didn't live in NYC/NJ). If you're interested, I'd love sharing my photos from a couple weeks ago:

  5. Christina - I love having "dorks" get all excited about my blog! That's why I do it. :D

    You can probably find some good tracking classes near you - check at your area nature center(s). Good luck!